Motorway M20 in United Kingdom

Motorway exits

M20 motorway - Mid-Kent Motorway; A20 road

Mid-Kent Motorway

London - Dover

Lanes Exit Direction London (Read up) Direction Dover (Read down) Slip road Notes Also as
London A20
Bromley, Chislehurst, Sidcup A222 A222
Orpington, Foots Cray A224, Bexley A223 Orpington, Foots Cray A224, Bexley A223, Swanley (B2173) A223 A224
Swanley services
On-ramp from B2173 B2173
Bournewood Sand & Gravel
1 M25 (S), Swanley B2173 - Dartford Crossing M25 (N), Central London (A2) Dartford Crossing, Gatwick Airport M25, West Kingsdown A20, Swanley B2173 M25 E15 A20 B2173 Go to M25
2 Paddock Wood A20 (B2016), Gravesend, Tonbridge (A227), Wrotham A20 A227 E15
3 (M25 (W)) Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Sevenoaks (A25) M26 M26 Go to M26 E15
4 West Malling, Rochester, Tonbridge A228 West Malling, New Hythe, Rochester A228 A228 E15
5 Aylesford, Maidstone (West) A20 A20 E15
Allington M20 Motorway Bridge E15
6 Maidstone, Chatham A229, Aylesford A20 Maidstone (C), Chatham A229 A229 Go to A229 E15
7 Maidstone, Sittingbourne, Sheerness A249 Maidstone, Sheerness, Canterbury, Ramsgate A249 A249 E15
8 Maidstone (E) A20, Maidstone services Lenham A20, Maidstone services A20 E15
9 Ashford A20, Tenterden, Canterbury (A28), Faversham (A251) Ashford A20, Faversham A251 A20 A251 E15
10 Ashford A292, Hastings A2070 Ashford A292, Brenzet A2070 A292 A2070 A20 B2164 E15
11 Canterbury B2068, Hythe (A261), Folkestone services B2068 E15
11A Channel Tunnel E15
12 Cheriton, Channel Tunnel A20 A20 E15
13 Folkestone A20, Non-motorway traffic Folkestone A20 A259 A20 E15
Folkestone Viaduct E15
Sugarloaf Hill Tunnel 320m Sugarloaf Hill Tunnel 320m E15
Canterbury, Folkestone A260 Canterbury A260 A260 E15
Capel-le-Ferne, West Hougham B2011 B2011 E15
Dover A20, Canterbury (A2), Deal (A258), Ramsgate (A256) - Aycliff, Western Heights A20 E15