Motorway M23 in United Kingdom

Motorway exits

M23 motorway - London-Crawley Motorway

London-Crawley Motorway

Hooley - Crawley

Lanes Exit Direction Hooley (Read up) Direction Crawley (Read down) Slip road Notes Also as
7 London, Croydon A23 A23
8 (M4, M1) Heathrow Airport M25 - (M20, M11) Dartford M25 (M4, M1) Heathrow Airport, Reigate M25 - (M20, M11) Dartford M25 M25 Go to M25
9 Gatwick Airport, Redhill (A23) Gatwick Airport (A23) A23
10 East Grinstead A264, Crawley A2011 A264 A2011
10A Crawley B2036 B2036
11 Crawley A23, Horsham A264, Pease Pottage services Horsham A264, Pease Pottage services A264 A23
A23 Go to A23