Motorway M66 in United Kingdom

Motorway exits

M66 motorway - Bury Easterly Bypass

Bury Easterly Bypass

Edefield - Whitefield

Lanes Exit Direction Edenfield (Read up) Direction Whitefield (Read down) Slip road Notes Also as
A56 Go to A56
1 Ramsbottom A56 A56
2 Bury, Heywood A58 Heywood, Bury A58 A58
3 Heywood Distribution Park, Pilsworth Industrial Estate
18 Ring Rd (W), Preston (M61), L'pool (M62) M60 - Ring Rd (E & S), M'cr & Airport, Oldham (M67), Chester, B'ham (M56) M60 - Leeds, Rochdale M62 M60 M62 E20 E22 Go to M60, Go to M62